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API Overview


The Liquibase API consists of pluggable interfaces and the driving logic that surrounds them.

Even the main Liquibase code itself is layered between the API-level code which works purely with interfaces, and the implementation-level code which is written and auto-discovered exactly like external extensions are.


The complete Javadocs for Liquibase are available at

Environmental Setup

The following classes are used to connect the generic Liquibase logic to the environment it is running in. They tend to be called from integrations before executing commands.

Package Interface Notes
liquibase Scope Alternative to global variables
ScopeManager Controls Scope creation
liquibase.configuration LiquibaseConfiguration Access configuration values
ConfigurationDefinition Defines new configuration options
ConfigurationValueProvider Defines new configuration stores
ConfiguredValueModifer Modifies configuration values before returning them to code
liquibase.logging LogFactory Facade for working with the Logger
Logger Wraps underlying logging systems in a common API
liquibase.resource ResourceAccessor Defines resource accessors
PathHandler Defines path handlers
Resource Objects returned from resources accessors
liquibase.servicelocator ServiceLocator Controls pluggable service infrastructure
liquibase.ui UIService Wraps the underlying user interaction in a common API

Command Facade

The following classes are the main entry points for calling overall Liquibase commands.

Package Interface Notes
liquibase Liquibase Legacy facade for calling commands
liquibase.command CommandScope Facade for calling commands from an integration

Business Logic and Data Models

The following classes contain or coordinate business logic or hold data for transfer between components.

Package Interface Notes
liquibase.command CommandStep Defines a step within a command pipeline
liquibase.diff DiffGeneratorFactory Facade for creating diffs between existing databases
DiffResult Holds differences from a database comparison
DatabaseObjectComparator Determines whether objects from different databases are the same object or different

Extensible Capabilities

The following classes define functionality available within Liquibase. They tend to be called from business logic, especially CommandStep implementations.

Liquibase ships with standard implementations of these interfaces, but they can be extended or replaced by external extensions.

Package Interface Notes
liquibase.change Change Defines change types available to changelog files
liquibase.changelog DatabaseChangeLog Format-independent changelog file object
ChangeLogHistoryService Tracks what changesets have been run against a database
liquibase.database Database Defines a database dialect
DatabaseConnection Wraps the underlying connection to a database
liquibase.datatype DataTypeFactory Translates generic to database-specific data types and vice versa
DatabaseDataType Defines mappings for DataTypeFactory
LiquibaseDataType Defines generic data types
liquibase.executor ExecutorService Facade for executing statements
Executor Defines a new RunWith Executor
liquibase.lockservice LockServiceFactory Facade for finding the LockService
LockService Manages the Liquibase Lock
liquibase.parser ChangeLogParser Defines changelog file formats
Parser Parses a stored snapshot file
liquibase.precondition Precondition Defines preconditions
liquibase.serializer ChangeLogSerializer Allows changelog file formats to be used in diffChangelog and generateChangelog operations
Serializer Stores a snapshot of a database
liquibase.snapshot GeneratorFactory Facade for snapshotting a database
SnapshotGenerator Defines how to snapshot a particular object type
liquibase.sql Sql Interface for holding SQL to execute
UnparsedSql Holds SQL to execute
liquibase.sqlgenerator SqlGeneratorFactory Facade for converting SqlStatements database-specific SQL
SqlGenerator Defines how to convert a cross-database SqlStatement to database-specific SQL
liquibase.statement SqlStatement Defines database-independent operations that can be performed
liquibase.structure DatabaseObject Base interface for all types of objects which can be snapshotted

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