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Expanded Functionality

While Liquibase ships with many features, that functionality can be expanded and/or replaced through extensions.


Support and Documentation

Extensions are maintained and documented by their respective owners. Visit the below extension pages for more information.

Available Extensions

Community Maintained

Extension Notes
Asciidoc Changelog Format Write Change log files in Asciidoc format
Custom Hosts Allows configuring hostname to IP mapping as a configuration parameter
Feature Flags: FF4j Controls execution based on FF4j feature flags
Feature Flags: Flagr Controls execution based on Flagr feature flags
Feature Flags: Flipt Controls execution based on Flipt feature flags
File Changelog History Use a CSV file instead of the DATABASECHANGELOG table
GenericSequence Support sequence logic on databases without native sequence support
Hibernate Allows diff/diffChangeLog to compare databases to Hibernate models
Liquibase Data Brings git-like functionality to your database
ModifyColumn Adds <modifyColumn> change type
No-op Changelog Lock Removes "lock" functionality
No-op ChangeLog History Removes changeset tracking functionality
Percona Online Schema Change Support pt-online-schema-change from Percona Toolkit
SessionLock Use native locks instead of the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table
SLF4j Logging Log through SLF4j rather than java.util.Logging
Spatial Datatypes Adds support for spatial indexing and geometric types

Liquibase Maintained

Extension Notes
AWS Secrets Manager Read secrets from AWS Secrets Manager
AWS S3 Access files stored in AWS S3
CyberArk Read CyberArk PAM vault secrets
Feature Flags: CloudBees Controls execution based on CloudBees feature flags
Feature Flags: ConfigCat Controls execution based on ConfigCat feature flags
Feature Flags: FlagSmith Controls execution based on FlagSmith feature flags
Feature Flags: GitLab Controls execution based on GitLab feature flags
Feature Flags: GrowthBook Controls execution based on GrowthBook feature flags
Feature Flags: Launch Darkly Controls execution based on Launch Darkly feature flags
HashiCorp Vault Read HashiCorp Vault secrets

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