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liquibase.configuration.LiquibaseConfiguration provides unified management of configuration properties within Liquibase core and in extensions.

This singleton is a lower-level facade that provides only raw/untyped access to what is configured. For most use cases, values should be read through liquibase.configuration.ConfigurationDefinition instances instead.

API Highlights

Getting the Singleton

The singleton is found by Scope.getCurrentScope.getSingleton(LiquibaseConfiguration.class)


Adds a custom-created ConfigurationValueProvider to the list of available providers.


Adds a custom-created ConfigurationDefinition to the list of definitions. This is not required for using the definition instance to read values from but is required for the definition to show in "get available definitions" calls.


Searches for the given keys in the current providers and applies any applicable modifiers. There are several versions of the method depending on your needs, but they all take a simple string key and convert the value to the type defined in the method.

API Details

The complete javadocs for liquibase.configuration.LiquibaseConfiguration is available at