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Configuring Liquibase with Spring Boot

Application Properties

Spring Boot includes a powerful configuration system that allows you to configure your application using a variety of methods.

When just starting out, however, you begin with a or application.yml file in the src/main/resources directory.


None of the below configuration settings are required.

Spring Boot will automatically configure Liquibase with sensible defaults for most applications.

Commonly Used Properties

spring.liquibase.change-log changelog configuration path. Default: db/changelog/db.changelog-master.yaml
spring.liquibase.label-filter Comma-separated list of runtime labels to use
spring.liquibase.contexts Comma-separated list of runtime contexts to use
spring.liquibase.enabled Whether to enable Liquibase support. Default: true
spring.liquibase.default-schema Default database schema
spring.liquibase.parameters.* changelog parameters
spring.liquibase.tag Tag name to use when applying database changes. Can also be used with rollback-file to generate a rollback script for all existing changes associated with that tag
spring.liquibase.rollback-file File to append rollback SQL for any update operations performed. If you ever need to roll back your database, the contents of the file will contain the SQL to do it.
spring.liquibase.test-rollback-on-update If set to true, Liquibase will run an update followed by a rollback followed by an update again. This is useful during initial development to ensure your rollback logic works correctly. Default: false Whether to print a summary of the update operation. Options: off, summary, verbose

Uncommonly Used Properties

spring.liquibase.database-change-log-lock-table Name of table to use for tracking concurrent Liquibase usage
spring.liquibase.database-change-log-table Name of table to use for tracking change history
spring.liquibase.liquibase-schema Schema to use for Liquibase objects. Default: default-schema
spring.liquibase.liquibase-tablespace Tablespace to use for Liquibase objects
spring.liquibase.url JDBC URL of the database to migrate. If not set, the primary configured data source is used
spring.liquibase.user Login user of the database to migrate. If not set, the primary configured data source user is used
spring.liquibase.password Login password of the database to migrate
spring.liquibase.clear-checksums Whether to clear all checksums in the current changelog, so they will be recalculated upon the next update. Default: false
spring.liquibase.drop-first Whether to first drop the database schema. Default: false
spring.liquibase.driver-class-name Fully qualified name of the JDBC driver. Default: auto-detected based on the database URL. Where to print a summary of the update operation. Options: all, console, log
spring.liquibase.ui-service Which UIService to use. Options: console, log