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Code Structure

Top-Level Modules

The Liquibase repository is divided into a series of submodules, each with a specific purpose.

Code shipped as part of liquibase-core.jar

The liquibase-core.jar file is made up of several submodules:

  • liquibase-standard which contains the Liquibase engine/API plus standard functionality
  • liquibase-snowflake adds contains support for Snowflake
  • liquibase-cli adds contains the CLI integration
  • liquibase-core which has no code itself, but combines the other modules into the single, final jar

By separating blocks of functionality within liquibase-core.jar into independent submodules, we can better control internal code dependencies.

Independently shipped artifacts

Other independently shipped artifacts are also submodules:

  • liquibase-maven-plugin contains the Maven integration
  • liquibase-cdi contains the CDI 2.0 integration
  • liquibase-cdi-jakarta contains the CDI 3.0+ integration
  • liquibase-dist contains the distributable CLI zip/tar.gz/installer package

Utility modules

The remaining submodules are for testing and other purposes, including:

Module Structure

Within each submodule, the code is structured following the Maven standard layout, with:

  • src containing all the source code
  • src/main containing the "production" code
  • src/main/java containing the "production" Java code
  • src/main/resources containing static files for the "production" artifacts
  • src/test containing the "test" code
  • src/test/java and src/test/groovy containing the "test" java and groovy code
  • src/test/resources containing static files for use in tests

Further Reading