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Extension Guides

Once you have learned the basics of Liquibase Extensions in the HelloWorldChange sample, it's time to build some real-world extensions.

In each guide or sample, you can expect to find:

  • Thoroughly commented source code
  • An example showing the usage of the sample extension
  • Listing of APIs being used
  • Explanation of API concepts

Guides & Samples

Here are the available guides, including the APIs they use:

Guide Extension Points
Add a Database liquibase.database, liquibase.snapshot
Add a Native Database Executor liquibase.executor
Add a Change Type liquibase.change
Add a Changelog Format liquibase.parser, liquibase.serializer
Add a Configuration Value Provider liquibase.configuration
Add a Path Handler liquibase.resource
Add a Precondition liquibase.precondition
Add a Resource Accessor liquibase.resource
Add a Snapshot Generator liquibase.snapshot
Add a SQL Generator liquibase.sqlgenerator, liquibase.statement