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Using Liquibase and Spring Boot with SQL Plus and Kerberos Authentication

The Liquibase Spring Boot integration supports SQL Plus using runWith=sqlplus changesets for Liquibase Pro. To run the runWith types of changesets, Liquibase requires the authentication mechanism that allows running the native executor without specifying credentials, such as Kerberos.

For now, the runWith=sqlplus attribute is not available if you connect to your database using the following authentication mechanisms:

  • JNDI Datasource
  • External spring.datasource.* properties

However, the authentication mechanisms do not affect changesets which do not use the runWith=sqlplus attribute.


Ensure you have configured the following parts:

  • Liquibase with Oracle
  • Liquibase with Spring Boot

If you do not have the needed configuration, follow Using Liquibase with Oracle Database and Using Liquibase with Spring Boot by replacing the values from the documentation with your values.

Running Spring Boot and SQL Plus with Kerberos

  1. Configure Liquibase and Kerberos.

  2. Specify how Liquibase can find SQL Plus by adding SQL Plus to your PATH. Alternatively, pass its location in the liquibase.sqlplus.conf file or from the command prompt using the --sqlplus-path parameter during runtime.

  3. Specify the runWith attribute to the needed changesets in the changelog file that you use. For more information, see Use SQL Plus and runWith on Oracle Database.

  4. Run the update command:


    If you have specified your changelog file as an environment variable or in the properties file, you can skip passing it at the command prompt.

    liquibase update --changelog-file=<your changelog file>